Case Results

Los Angeles County - Husband/Wife adopt longtime former Girlfriend's adult daughter

August 2020

Petitioners [all names changed for confidentiality] Dave 74 years old & Evonne 67 years old adopted Denise 37 years.  Dave was the father-figure to Denise while he raised Denise with Denise's mother Jane.  Approximately 20 years ago, Denise's mother Jane passed away and Dave met Evonne, then married Evonne.  Dave kept his strong relationship as the father figure in Denise's life and Evonne developed into the mother figure in Denise's life.  Dave, Evonne and Denise wanted to make the family relationship official via California Adult Adoption.  Time from case filing to approved order/decree of adoption 4 months due to the pandemic court closures.

Court: Los Angeles County Superior Court