As an Adult, You Can Choose Your Family

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We Have a 100% Success Rate on Adult Adoption Petitions!  In California, you can choose your family. That's right, in the State of California, as an adult (18 years old or older), you can choose your family and a Superior Court Judge will make it legal and binding. You can even get a new official State of California birth certificate issued to you listing your new adoptive parent(s) as your new parent(s) recognized by law.

This process is called Adult Adoption. There are no standard judicial forms in California for the adult adoption process. However, there are some pitfalls you need to watch out for when preparing the paperwork and filing it in Court. Things like spouses, disabilities, age, criminal records, and other factors can all affect whether a person may file for adult adoption in California.

Who would file for adult adoption in California?

Stepparent Adoption of 18-Year Old Stepchild in California

Most cases are stepparent and stepchild relationships. Does this sound familiar to you?

Insert your stepmom or stepdad here: He/She married my mom/dad and came into my life when I was in Elementary School or Middle School or High School. My stepmom/stepdad was there for: little league games, AYSO soccer practice, cheer performances, swim lessons, music recitals, boy/girl scouts, and/or my first school dance. They taught me how to ride a bike, throw a football, bake a cake, wash a car, ask a boy or girl out on a date, or shave my face or legs. They were there for me when I was figuring out who I was as a person and for all the things that mattered to me while growing up.

Your stepmom or stepdad didn't do the adoption when you were a minor because it was way too complicated and the parent who is not in the picture anymore would never sign the consent agreement. Now, you are 18 years old (or older) and legally an adult. In California, your stepparent can easily adopt you in the process called Adult Adoption. We can make your Adult Adoption in California happen. One call today and you can start the process to say, "Thanks, mom or dad, thanks for being there for me all these years!"

Other Types of Adult Adoption in California

Not all Adult Adoption cases in California involve stepparent adoptions. Perhaps you have established a strong bond with an adult who lovingly treats you as if you were his/her child. Now that adult wants to make it formal and wants to adopt you legally. This situation arises with caregivers, longtime neighbors, longtime family friends or just kindred spirits that want to formalize the legal family relationship with Adult Adoption in California.

Foster-parent adoption of Foster-child who turns 18 years old: A Foster-parent who opened his/her home and raised a child to the age of adulthood (18 years old), may want to formalize the parent-child relationship and complete an Adult Adoption.

Whether your interest in California Adult Adoption is the stepparent relationship or another type, we can make it happen. One call today can change your life!

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John J. Pearson, Esq. is a California Attorney with over 20 years of legal experience. Mr. Pearson's goal with is to make the attorney represented Adult Adoption process in California affordable and easy to complete. Our motto is, "Do it once, do it right."