Riverside Adult Adoption

Even though adult adoption law is the same throughout the state of California, each courthouse in the state has its own set of rules and procedures for filing the necessary paperwork. Because adopting an adult is so heavily reliant on getting all of the paperwork absolutely perfect, these tiny differences between courthouses can drastically change the outcome of your adoption request.

Here is how the Riverside County Court, which handles adult adoptions in cities like Riverside, Moreno Valley, Corona, Beaumont, Norco, Temecula, and Murrieta, is different from the other courthouses in the state of California.

Filing the Adult Adoption Forms

The first step in all adult adoptions in California is to obtain, fill out, and then file the appropriate forms with the court. In the Riverside County Court, the Court uses specific Court forms rather than pleading paper forms.

There is also another form that you will need to obtain and partially fill out--the VS-44 Form. However, you will not need to file it until the adoption hearing is complete.

Similarly, there is a final form, the Decree of Adoption that you will have to obtain and bring a blank copy of it to your adoption hearing.

Once you have filed all of these forms with the Riverside County Court, you will receive a time and date for your adoption hearing.

Preparing for the Hearing

Before the hearing, you will need to fill out portions of the VS-44 Form. Importantly, the adoptee will need to specify whether they want their birth certificate to be amended to reflect the adoption.

The Adoption Hearing

Both the adoptive parent and the adoptee need to be present at the adoption hearing. They will need to bring the partially-filled out VS-44 Form, as well as the blank copy of the Decree of Adoption, Form RI-A831.

This hearing is where the judge will question the motives for the adoption and make sure that the adoption will comply with the law. If the judge is satisfied, they will sign Form RI-A831. All you will need to do then is file this form, along with the VS-44 Form, with the court and your adoption will be processed. The VS-44 Form will make its way from the Riverside County Courthouse to the Office of Vital Records, which will begin the process of changing the adoptee's birth certificate according to the request on the form.

Riverside County Adult Adoption Attorney John J. Pearson

Mistakes in this process—even minor ones—can doom an adult adoption request. Having a lawyer who performs adult adoptions regularly can be a huge help. Contact the law office of adult adoption attorney John J. Pearson online for the help you need to make the process run smoothly.