Legal Relationship with my birth parent terminated with a California Adult Adoption?

California Proposition 13 Tax Treatment as an Incidental Benefit to California Adult Adoption

Posted by John J. Pearson | Nov 02, 2022 | 0 Comments

Is there a incidental relationship between California Adult Adoption and California Proposition 13 tax treatment?  In few words, California's Proposition 13 allows a child to keep the parent's tax value of their home upon the parent's death.  One of the incidental benefits of a California Adult Adoption is that the Adoptee becomes a child of the Adoptive Parent for California Proposition 13 real property tax treatment.  We have seen first hand how California Adult Adoption has allowed nieces & nephews and even grandchildren to inherit real property under the generous California Proposition 13 real property tax exemption to stepped up valuation upon death of a parent.  Of course, this benefit is entirely incidental to the loving parent-child relationship that must be the main reason for the California Adult Adoption to be filed in the first place.

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